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Speedy Urbanization With Constant Economy Growth Has Powered Up Sarawak Property Market Of Late

While the property market is believed to be stagnant in 2015 at the national level seeing as the administration of GST in April, the Sarawak property sector is yet somehow expected to register regular growth in value this year. The domestic sector will certainly remain as the mainstay of the industry.

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  Beside the rise in amount of transactions, the total worth of the property also increasing in unison with the transaction. For example, the worth for all real estate transacted from 2011 to 2012 has increased from RM5.97bil to RM6.00bil.

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Listings on Sarawak Property portal, which offer free property listing medium specifically devoted for property agents, negotiators, owners / shoppers in Sarawak, demonstrating the median prices of semi-detached homes in Kuching range at present are ranging from RM1.2mil to RM1.5mil.

Even though at an all-time high, house prices in Sarawak are considered will continue to rise as outlined by the press conference conducted by Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA). Based on the "Property Market Report 2014" from the National Property Information Centre (Napic), real-estate value in Sarawak has expanded by 6.6% year-on-year.

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Steady financial growth, rapid urbanization and industrialization of leading city like Kuching and also Miri, as well as the large in-flow of foreign investment (Sarawak has got highest foreign investment rates in Malaysia) are typically contributing to fuel a strong performance in Sarawak's property market, specifically Kuching and Miri property market. Infrastructure growth is expected to spark economic growth and demand for property in Sarawak. Beside having Kuching being chosen as one of the leading cities to be developed strongly in the 11th Malaysia Plan, typically the federal government has also allocated RM500 million to build the long awaited Pan Borneo Highway that will links Sarawak with Sabah.

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In addition to an increase in demand, higher land cost, material and labour costs has pushed up the new property prices in Sarawak normally. With the increase in prices, houses especially those in Kuching, on the contrary now have better quality finishes, infrastructure and amenities compared to a decade ago.

Searching on Sarawak Property portal also shows that there has been a sudden craze to build shopping malls. 5 new shopping malls have opened up in 5 months time in 2014 and four more are currently under development, for example the mega mall VIVA CITY.

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All this has created more job opportunities as well as more businesses in Kuching area, and thus attracted more and more population shift from rural area to Kuching and speed up the urbanization process. This happen to the gas city of Bintulu also.In short, Sarawak property and Kuching property market is believed to continuously enjoy healthy growth for the coming years.

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Consider The Useful Tips That Assist With Selling Real Estate Property
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