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Top 3 Recent Must See Tourist Attractions In Singapore That You Simply Cannot Overlook

Singapore has always been recognized as a tranquil and beautiful city-state with a lot of amazing vacation spots. Each year, countless visitors come to Singapore for all sort of activities, from sight seeing to watching F1 Gran Pr ix or business issue. Beside providing high-end shopping, luxury hotels as well as fantastic dining, there are several other family - friendly and amazing tourist attractions in this city state. Right now there are quite a number of New Singapore tourist attractions being built. Among them, here are the TOP 3 which you simply can't missed!

The Wasatch Front encounters the miracle every year that hundreds wait around with baited breath- "The Best Snow on Earth!" People flock in from across the world to take pleasure in the beautiful and pristine white snows that hover down to cover the mountaintops.

Marina Bay Sands

This magnificent iconic building has got the love of visitors and fast become one of the most preferred attractions among visitors to Singapore. With the shape of a ship that aligns 3 hotels roof top together, Marina Bay Sands is a complex which comprise of a 5 stars hotel, a mall with all of high-end luxury brands, the ArtScience Museum as well as the popular Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

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Sitting atop the massive, three-pronged hotel, the Skypark's offers an amazing 360-degree panorama view of Singapore CBD area, South China sea in addition to the innovative double helix bridge and the Gardens by the Bay. In case you are a hotel guest, you can enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset in the world's longest as well as tallest infinity swimming pools on the roof top of the hotel. It is certainly an experience of a life time that you should not miss!

Gardens by the Bay

Open in 2011, Gardens by the Bay is an astonishing creation that is ideal for you to enjoy the vibrant plant life and getting out of the city bustle for a short time. It has 2 distinctive designed Singapore Garden by the bay dome. Flower Dome which replicates the cool-dry weather of Mediterranean like California, Spain and South Africa that house a collection of plants from desert across the world.

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Cloud Forest Dome is a cool-moist conservatory which house the world's tallest indoor waterfall. It has a 55 meter tall cone shape building that showcase the plants life from tropical highlands upto 2000 meter above sea level.

You can also find a cluster of the iconic, ultra futuristic tree alike structures all over this garden, at the Supertree Grove area as well as Golden and Silver Garden. You may stroll along the OCBC skyway as well, which is a 128m long walkway at a height of 22m that connects 2 Super Tree.

Just about everyone has the idea of going abroad to work at some point in our time. Sometimes it is motivated by a hope of a better career or even the desire to see much more of the world and it's different countries.

Resort World Sentosa

Singapore Genting Resort World Sentosa is a built-in resort that combined hotels, entertainment and family friendly theme park and attraction. Leading attraction including the first and only top-notch Universal Studio movie theme park in Asia, which has 24 movies-themed rides and attraction. RWS is the very first legal gaming park in Singapore and has161458 square foot of gaming space and around 2400 gaming machines and 506 table and poker games.

Another must see attraction is the S.E.A Aquarium, which is the world's biggest aquarium, has more than 100000 marine animals from 800 species. It is the hang out for majestic manta rays, massive goliath grouper, napoleon wrasse, as well as other gentle giants of the sea.

Holiday vacations are a nice way for the entire family to relax and be able to get themselves prepared again for the hard times ahead in the real life. It is also a perfect time to experience something new that you might not have seen before.

In this resort, there are 4 luxury hotels providing 1538 rooms for guests. You have Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Michael, Equarius Hotel. There are also unique-themed luxury rooms such as Beach Villas, Ocean Suites and TreeTop Lofts which give amazing unique experience for the guests.

If you are going to visit Singapore, ensure all these 3 newest attractions are in the visiting list, so that you will like your Singapore trip to the fullest possible.

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