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Christmas and New Year Preparations

One of the reasons the holidays are so busy is that there is only a week between Christmas and New Year. At no other time of the year are there two major holidays so close together. On top of that, despite being very different types of holidays, they both often involve preparing big meals or parties.

So, make your life easier by doing some advance planning.

Want to attend that special celebration at a club or event? Book at least three months ahead. Don't try to rush around the day after Christmas to find someplace to go for New Year's eve. Yes, there is always lots to do when Christmas is upon you. But many venues fill up weeks ahead. Keep your stress level down by making plans long before the holiday season even starts.

If those plans involve air or train travel, the advice goes double. Everyone knows that air travel is hellish at that time of the year. Consider leaving Christmas night, or even spending Christmas where you plan to celebrate New Year. Traveling at times others are not is the only way to get there without hassles.

Planning on a big New Year's party at your house? Set aside some of the budget for extra domestic help the week after Christmas. Many hands make light work. Having good help to shop, clean, cook and decorate leaves you free to send invitations and other needed tasks.

The day of the party you'll have much more time for those last minute items if you've got reliable assistants. Give yourself that much more time to plan and execute by getting help on post-Christmas clean up, too.

That practice used to be commonplace, even among those with very limited incomes and no friends or relatives to help out. After all, they're often busy with their own holiday plans. Revive an old tradition and spend a little on your own peace of mind. It will pay dividends many times over.

Whatever your plans for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, accept that these are going to be busy. Examine your other tasks and plans and decide which can be pushed off a week or so. Vet trips, the kids athletic and entertainment activities, gym visits.... The list of possibilities is endless.

A long list of habitual tasks can tie up anyone full time. They'll vary from individual to individual. But anyone can find things that don't have to be done today. Pay the bills in advance so they don't have to be dealt with that week. Put off doctor visits, if possible. Accept fewer invitations the week after Christmas.

Keep your stress low and it will also help maintain your health during a season that for some is often full of tension. Plan ahead and you'll be able to enjoy the holiday that much more.

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