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Christmas carols - even the name itself conjours up the sound of sweet voices ringing out in the crisp night air, doesn't it?

Where did the Christmas carol originate? The origins of the Christmas carol are somewhat obscure, and date back to at least medieval times, but certainly the modern era Christmas carol seems to have become popular in Victorian times.

And what about the Christmas custom of singing Christmas carols door to door? Christmas carolling has been evident for several centuries. The Christmas tradition of Christmas carollers taking with them a collection box for a charity collection seems to have originated with beggars singing Christmas carols while they roamed the streets looking for the day's handouts of small change and/or food and drink.

But were beggars the only ones to have sung Christmas carols in those times past? No, actually the minstrels who used to travel from town to town in medieval times and beyond were also Christmas carollers. Christmas carols were interspersed with the ballads which we all tend to associate with the minstrels of this period.

Night watchmen and town criers also took to singing Christmas carols during the Christmas season as a change from their usual announcements to the townsfolk.

Christmas carol lyrics have been around for several centuries. Silent Night is of course one of the most well known Christmas carol lyrics and Christmas carol music. Originally a German Christmas carol, it is perhaps the best known Christmas carol the world over.

Christmas songs are a much more recent phenomenon. While Christmas carols almost invariably carry a religious message in their Christmas carol lyrics, Christmas songs are more likely to have Christmas song lyrics about snow and Santa Claus - things associated with Christmas but without any religious signifance.

One of the most well known Christmas songs and Christmas song lyrics would have to be White Christmas - also known as I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. Another very well known Christmas song and Christmas song lyrics made popular in very recent times is I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

But the Christmas song to end all Christmas song lyrics and Christmas song music alike would have to be Jingle Bells!

So whether Christmas songs or Christmas carols are your preference, no home should be without a collection of Christmas carol lyrics for the really traditional Christmas carols.

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