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14 Piece Olive Wood Nativity and Manger Set
14 Piece Olive Wood Nativity and Manger Set

A distinct gift from the Holy Land: High Detail Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Magi, Barn Animals,
and Manger. This set is hand crafted in Olive Wood from Bethlehem

The Christmas season is the perfect time to hone your crafting and/or decorating skills. When it comes to Christmas decorations, they beat Easter, Valentine's Day, and Halloween decorations combined.

Using a theme for your Christmas decorations can help keep your house from getting cluttered with Christmas decorations. Pick a certain theme for the house (or even each room of the home if you are feeling inventive) and decorate your home (or room) around that one central theme. This can help you to keep your focus, and sometimes it can even help to keep the costs of Christmas decorations down.

A popular theme for decorating your home for Christmas is Evergreen. Pine trees, pine boughs, and garlands made from pine boughs are all extremely popular forms of Christmas decorations. Garlands are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from your local florist, a grocery store, or even made by yourself at home! Many people may also use miniature versions of the classic Christmas tree as their main Christmas decoration, and Christmas trees are an excellent addition to your evergreen Christmas theme. You can buy small, artificial Christmas trees at just about any store , and they are easily decorated with Christmas ornaments. In a child's room, decorate the Christmas tree with toy cars, crayons, and other Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights, and other toys that children love. This is also a great way to enhance the theme of the child's room.

Snowflakes are also a popular theme for Christmas decorations. Even for people who don't celebrate Christmas with Christmas decorations, the snowflake theme is an excellent way to decorate for the holiday season. If you have children in the home, you can have them cut out tin foil stars or icicles to keep them out of your hair while you wrap Christmas gifts or perform any other Christmas task that is necessary. Of course, white and silver would be the main colors of your snow theme. Fake, spray-on snow (also called spackle) should be used with care, as it can be a very tricky (or tacky) substance, and needs be used sparingly.

Snowmen, Santa Claus are very important and often seen themes for Christmas decoration during the Christmas season. These Christmas decorations can be purchased at reasonable prices from a local five and dime or dollar store, and if you're feeling adventurous, they are easily made at home. To enhance a Snowman theme, three different sized Styrofoam balls may be used to create your own DIY snowman, or you can use construction paper to simpler effect.

As for Santa Claus Chrismas decorations, why not have a Santa Claus face on the door to greet your Christmas party guests at the door? Be careful not to do over do it with the Santa Claus theme, though. You can try using different types and sizes of Santa Claus figures and dolls, of different nationalities and colors. Wal-Mart, or a local 99 cent store always stock plenty of Christmas decorations at Christmas time. And specialty Christmas stores will also have lots of more unique Christmas decorations to complete whichever Christmas theme you choose.

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