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Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Give the lady in your life Christmas gifts for women - whether it be Christmas gifts for Mom, girlfriend, sister or wife she'll really thank you for - a weekend at the spa. She'll get pampered from every angle. Whether it's a great massage or an hours-long soak in a tub, or just a mud-mask facial, she'll come home rejuvenated.

Romantic Christmas gift ideas for her always go down well. But just what might constitute a romantic gift when you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for women?

Women love chocolate. If men don't know that by now, they've been spending too much time in the cave and not enough online reading gift suggestions. But don't settle for that boring box of random goo. Go for something exotic. Try a special thin Lindt Swiss slab. Or, go all out for something made just for her inscribed with a line of poetry that you memorized when you met.

Jewelry are always great Christmas gift ideas for Mom, or for any woman. But go the extra step and personalize it. Even if it's diamond earrings or the perfect pearl necklace, the gift can still bear a unique stamp. Her initials on either side of the necklace chain can do the trick. Or the earrings can be a design that is duplicated nowhere else.

And along the same lines, how about a beautiful watch as a great Christmas gift idea for women?

Women are easy to buy for - if you're another woman of the same age and interests, but if not, Christmas gift ideas for wife, or Christmas gift ideas for Mom can be more of a problem.

Does that special woman in your life love wine? Take it a step beyond the special vintage you had in mind. Get a subscription to a Wine of the Month club and you'll get an ever changing selection from around the world. One month it may be a super Sake from Japan, the next a great Gewürztraminer from Germany. The month after that an awesome Australian Syrah will arrive in the mail. Yes, as Christmas gifts for women, wine subscriptions can be a great choice.

What woman couldn't use more shoes? But buying shoes for women is a very tricky business whether the shopper is dad, son or daughter. If you haven't heard her mention that unique pair down at the mall, better go virtual for your online Christmas gift ideas for women. Online shoe shopping can now fit her foot better than a careless salesperson. Templates allow her to tailor the fit to her individual foot and the selection is unbounded.

Flowers are wonderful, but they don't last. Instead, think about a beautiful bonsai that will flower repeatedly year after year as a unique Christmas gift for Mom. Incorporate a tiny self-watering system. It adds little to the cost and make maintenance a matter of seconds per month rather than a daily chore.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Christmas gift ideas for women of course extend to your girlfriend, and, as with any woman, jewelry is an ever popular choice as a romantic Christmas gift idea for her. But go beyond the usual and make it personal. A beautiful diamond teardrop necklace is made that much better if the chain contains her initials on each side of the gem, as a romantic Christmas gift idea for her.

A scrapbooking kit is the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who likes to preserve her memories. Going beyond a mere blank journal, these provide a means for storing photos, text and small mementos of your time together.

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