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There are lot of things to love about the Christmas season. Christmas ornaments are present in almost every Christian household in the western world. There is of course the caroling, the family festivities, the seasonal programming. There are, though, two things that really stick out when thinking about Christmas time. The food, is of course one of them, and also the beautiful decorations, and in particular the Christmas ornaments, that trim the season with merriment and bright colors. Now would it not be fantastic if there were a way to bring these two things together into one cohesive Christmas activity? The good news is that you can with a couple of different edible Christmas decorating ideas.

Candy canes are the main edible Christmas ornaments that immediately spring to mind. But there are many other creative ideas with which you can trim your tree with delectable edible Christmas ornaments and treats. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is with cookie dough Christmas ornaments. You can even use a pre-made cookie dough that is sold in your grocerís freezer section for Christmas ornaments. Sugar cookies cut into Christmas ornaments are a little bit more festive than plain chocolate chip cookies, or you can also press red and green M&Ms into the sugar cookies to add some color. Sugar cookie shapes can be decorated with a hard frosting or a gel frosting that dries hard, for wonderful looking Christmas ornaments.

Another fun way to create beautiful edible Christmas ornaments is with your centerpiece. To make a beautiful but simple gingerbread house Christmas ornament, or Christmas centerpiece, for your Christmas table, you need only a few basic things. First you need a box of graham crackers and a sharp razor or Exacto knife. You will also need a glaze like sugar frosting and candy for decoration (gum drops work great). Cut two pieces of the graham crackers with a triangle point, like the front of a house in a childís drawing. Since most graham cracker are perforated in half and then in half again, it is best to use on half as the triangle part, then the other pieces will fit perfectly. Affix two other pieces of graham cracker to the Christmas ornament house, so that they come up just to the triangle. Now place two more across the triangle part at a slant like a roof. Use the frosting to hold these seams in place. Once your Christmas ornament gingerbread house is dry, decorate your Christmas ornament house as you wish with the candy and the frosting. The more colors you have, the more fun the decorating of your Christmas centerpiece will be. Because of its simplicity, this is a great activity to do with young children. Just make sure the grown ups do the cutting!

There are other simple activities which will give you some beautiful edible Christmas ornaments as well, such as decoupage boxes with decorative candy, Jordan almonds, and of course, donít forget the Christmas ornament candy canes!

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