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What is a Christmas Stocking Share?

What is a Christmas Stocking Share?

Christmas stockings - what a warm picture that conjures up - Christmas stockings hanging over the mantle, all the children in bed, and Santa Claus and his reindeer flying over the rooftops. Those Christmas stockings will soon be filled up once Santa Claus squeezes himself down the chimney and delivers his goodies! Remember making your Christmas list, and then waking up to find all those Christmas gifts in your Christmas stocking by the fireplace?

But the idea of Christmas stockings has spread beyond the family setting. If you work in an office, or other workplace setting where there are several people working together who get along and perhaps socialize together sometimes during the year, you're probably already familiar with the Christmas Stocking Share.

The Christmas season is a time for warmth, caring, giving and sharing. It's a time for Christmas stockings! It is also a great time to burn a whole in your pocket, wallet, and bank account. Many people like the idea of buying gifts for colleagues, so a Christmas stocking share is definitely a great option. A Christmas stocking share is kind of like a secret Santa system, and works in pretty much any situation where a secret Santa system could be used. It is perfect for an office setting, but can also work in a large group of friends or friendly acquaintances.

Everyone in the group has a Christmas stocking. In an office setting, it is usual to hang the Christmas stockings up in a specific place with names on them, and over a certain period of time everyone puts one small thing in everyone else’s Christmas stocking. On one specific day, everyone meets to open the Christmas stockings and socialize and it is a nice little community building party. It gets everyone more in the Christmas spirit to be able to share the spirit of giving a little bit with everyone.
The first step is to make a list of the people who are going to be in your Christmas stocking share group. Once you have decided on the Christmas stocking share participants, designate a day and time at which you will all meet to swap Christmas stockings. It is a great idea to have a Christmas stocking share as a Christmas party for your close friends.

So how exactly does a Christmas stocking share work?

Well, you have a certain amount of time to gather all of the Christmas stocking stuffers, and don't forget to get a Christmas stocking for yourself. On the day of the Christmas stocking swap, everyone meets up at the designated place, and hangs their Christmas stockings in a common area. During an hour or so of social time, people put the Christmas stocking stuffers in the designated Christmas stockings. Then, the group gathers around to open their Christmas stockings. This is obviously the fun part. You get to be a kid all over again. Do you remember how much fun it was to get lots of little presents instead of one or two ties or a book that you doesn't really interest you?

In terms of what to put in the Christmas stockings, you can have lots of fun with this. Places like Target and the Dollar Store are great places to pick up neat little trinkets. Party stores are also a great place to look for items like that. Online stores can be a great resource too, and companies like Oriental Trading Company have items that you can buy in bulks of anywhere from three to an entire gross (a dozen dozen) to fit any size budget or crowd. On a college student budget with a lot of friends one year, I did virtually all of my Christmas stocking shopping on a similar website. One bill, one package, tons of different Christmas gifts, including the Christmas stocking gifts. The best part of the Christmas stocking share is the variety of different little Christmas gifts that you receive. You can't beat a good Christmas stocking share!

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