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Christmas Tradition - Traditional Christmas Dinner

Christmas Tradition - Traditional Christmas Dinner

Christmas traditions - everyone has their own idea of a traditional Christmas scene of Christmas dinner. For some it is a giant ham glazed in honey with chives and pineapple. For others it is a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings - cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and apple pie. For others still is a rack of lamb or a roast beef feast. How these Christmas traditions come about is different in every family, but taking them into account can be difficult if you are a first-time Christmas host and want to adhere to the Christmas traditions that your guests will appreciate.

Eventually it happens, your aunt or mother or grandmother tires of the yearly hustle and bustle and the torch is passed to the next generation of Christmas chefs. Christmas traditions are very important to families. So how do you ease this transition for yourself and your family, and ensure that the family's Christmas traditions are kept alive?

(1) Make sure people know how to get to your home. It seems obvious, but people are on auto pilot sometimes. Make sure well in advance that everyone know you are hosting the Christmas traditional meal and that they are familiar with how to get to the new Christmas destination. A venue change need not interfere with the Christmas tradition in your family.

(2) Let people help you carry on the Christmas tradition. If you are afraid that you may not be able to duplicate Aunt Ruthís famous ricotta torte, donít even try it. Ask her if she would be willing to bring the torte along with her in order to keep the Christmas tradition going. If your sister in law is world renowned for her skills in turkey basting, let her come over a couple of hours early and help you with the Christmas traditional main course. Spreading the workload will not only make you more comfortable, and better company for everyone else, but it will ensure that more family members are actively involved in keeping your family's special Christmas traditions alive.

(3) Make sure you know how long the Christmas traditional meal will actually take. If you have never cooked a Christmas traditional meal before, plan well in advance and give people a realistic time frame for when dinner will be served. There is nothing worse than grumpy guests. Also, having some snack like foods around for people to munch on in the case that the turkey was a couple of pounds bigger than you anticipated is a good idea. Keeping the Christmas tradition of feeding your guests on time is also important.

(4) Relax. Although the family may be depending on you to make an enjoyable Christmas dinner, it's an important Christmas tradition in most households that the host enjoy her Christmas tradition and turkey dinner, too! It makes for a wonderful Christmas scene.

The Meaning of Christmas

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