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Christmas Vacation

It was just before the Christmas vacation. This was the last errand I needed to run before I could head out of town to start my Christmas holiday. Excitement was building and a smile was plastered on my face. The family traveled every year to the cabin for a family Christmas - a Christmas vacation. I had been working all week clearing up loose ends at work so I could enjoy five whole days of Christmas vacation. My head filled with silly anecdotes of past Christmas vacations as I drove to the grocery store. The snow was blowing, swirling and dancing until I could barely see the road. My car swerved a little in the grocery store parking lot. The weatherman was wrong. The Christmas vacation storm was not due until later that night. “Oh great,” I thought, "I have a two hour drive in this, it will be midnight before I get to my Christmas vacation destination.”

I ran into the store, grabbed my Christmas shopping cart and began piling everything I could think of that we might need for our family Christmas vacation. My Christmas shopping cart was soon overflowing, and I thought seriously about getting another cart. Looking out the window at the wind howling and snow flying, I had a feeling that we might be snowed in for a few days. I went back and grabbed a second Christmas shopping cart and packed in more essentials. The Christmas vacation cabin holds twenty people comfortably. So I had a lot of food to buy for our family Christmas vacation.

The carry out boy was shivering as he unloaded my Christmas shopping carts. As I was brushing off the snow from the windshield, I remember matches and coal oil. Grumbling to myself, I ran back into the store stomping my feet I spied the manager smiling to see me again. I grabbed several bottles of coal oil, matches, candles, and a half a dozen of fleece blankets that were on the clearance rack. The nieces were going to love those little throws. I thought to myself, ”What a bargain at three dollars a piece. These will really be needed for our Christmas vacation."

My car was so packed with Christmas shopping, I could hardly get in myself. I squeezed into the driver’s seat and started driving north. The Christmas vacation cabin was seventy-five miles northeast in the mountains of North Carolina. I knew that in the morning assuming that the snow had stopped by then the scenery would be breathtaking. The wheels hit an icy patch, the car swerved and spun in a doughnut veering toward the ravine on the other side of the road. My heart in my throat I fought to regain control. The car came to rest gently next to a pine tree three feet from the shoulder. I got out and looked at the fender. There was a little scratch, but fortunately nothing more. I got back into the driver's seat, eased on the accelerator and slowly inched up out of the ravine.

Back on the road I drove with slow deliberation. And hour later I made it to our Christmas vacation cabin through the howling blizzard. I banged on the door for them to let me in. Unloading the car, a snow ball fight broke out. I left the younger crew outside to bring in the rest of the Christmas shopping. Opening the door I was met with delicious smells of cinnamon, apples, and ham. It was so good to be "home" for my family Christmas vacation.

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